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Updated: May 30

Vets are one of the most emportant factors in efforts to reduce the population of abandoned dogs and increase awareness of animal welfare. At the beginning of our activities we didn't have much success, we encountered closed doors, disapproval, melancholy or simply disbelief that anything could be different when it comes to the abandonment of dogs and irresponsible ownership. Only 18 months later, things are incredibly different. We didn't solve the problem but we are making decisive and significant steps towards our long term goal, no abandoned animals. Continuous education, information, research and cooperation with more experienced partners have enabled us to move things from a standstill.

Today, in our small community, we have vets who are certified by international organizations. They are trained for efficient and quality implementation of the CNR program. Along with them, we are also trained to adequately monitor that process, and since then, the sterilization and castration actions have continued continuously at a pace that the funds and available personnel allow. In addition, energy and consciousness is different. From melancholy and disapproval, to calls and inquiries when we continue our actions.

We look forward to further training, continuation and expansion of these activities. We open door by door.

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