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What's fostering, why is it important, how to become a foster and how can we support people fostering?

Fostering a dog can be a profoundly rewarding experience, offering a temporary haven for a dog in need. Fostering, we provide dogs with the safety and care they need, so they can get a chance to survive and find their forever homes.

Unfortunately, just a small number of people is ready to take a risk and foster a dog, to take care of a dog in need and give them attention, love and protection, to help them get back on their feet, get better. This is a big issue because people is affraid to get attachedm they are scare of commitment or they just don't understand why the fostering is so important. Compering to boarding houses for dogs, fostering has several important advantages:

  1. Dogs get exact care and therapy if they are sick or hurt, so they have more chance to survive.

  2. There is less chance of transmission of infections. Leaving puppies that have not received vaccinations against infectious diseases in group housing would be certain death, while in a temporary home they have the opportunity to be isolated and do not risk contracting parva and puppy distemper.

  3. They get a chance to acquire house habits and to socialize, and therefore have a greater chance of adoption.

  4. Being fostered instead being in group accommodation gives them more visibility. More pictures, an accurate description of the character and small peculiarities HUGELY increase the chances of adoption.

  5. Funds that would be given to a private shelter could be directet to helping other animals in need.

Foster care is happening in different ways, for example if you find an animal in the street and you give that animal temporary home and care till adoption, then all obligations are yours. On the other hand, if fostering is being organized in cooperation with an association, it is important to clearly define the role of the foster, the rules of fostering and how much the foster is ready to provide. The role of the foster in this case is often primarily to take care of the animal, while food, possible other necessities and veterinary expenses are covered by the association or by donations, so that all the responsibility does not fall on one individual and the rescue of the muzzles is carried out by joint efforts.

BECOME A TEMPORARY FOSTER. Consider giving one soul a chance to survive, recover and to have a chance to find forever family. If you are not ready to give an animal a temporary home, there are ways to support people and organizations by:

  • SHARING POSTS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS you help paws find their homes. One share can change the life of one of them.

  • DONATING. No one can handle something like this alone, the streets are full of abandoned animals. Help either financially or by donating food, mats, diapers, litter, flea and tick protection and other necessities.


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