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“It is well to think well; it is divine to act well.”


- Horace Mann
Ba a part of the divine crew. Help us help. 

About Me

Financial Support

We take pride in our transparent work! You can take a look at our monthly or annual reports to track your donation and rest assured it reached those animals you addressed it to. Financial donations help us provide shelter, food and medical care to accommodated dogs and dogs on the street. Financial donations also keep the wheels turning with our CNVR (spay/neuter) programme. 


Other Donations

As we do not have our own shelter, other donations such as dog houses, food, bedding, and medical supplies will be allocated to the dogs in our care in paid accommodations or to the dogs on the street.


Fostering truly saves lives! Fostering a dog that is currently in paid accommodation will enable us to take another dog from the street to take its place, and will help the fostered dog to get accustomed to the house environment and thus be easier to adopt.


We are from a small town, and also a young organization. Each volunteer means the world to us. Join our small but dedicated team of volunteers and make a hands-on difference in the lives of animals. Whether it's assisting with daily routines, organizing events, or offering specialized skills, your time and commitment are invaluable to the well-being of the animals we protect.


Explore collaborative opportunities with us. We welcome partnerships with businesses, organizations, and individuals who share our commitment to animal welfare. Together, we can create impactful initiatives and raise awareness on a larger scale.

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