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Dog named Buda

Age: 9 months
Weight: 7 kg
Gender: Female

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Temperament: She has very good personalitym friendly with other dogs and cats. Loves kids and people. Used to a leash. She can live in a house or apartment. Very cleaver and obedient.

Protected from internal and external parasites.
Got rabies vaccine

Her story: Left as a puppy on a street. Currently is in a bording house.

If you want to addopt Cana please contact assosiation "Čarna" Valjevo:

We consider having a pet a luxury not a necessity! Think thoroughly before making a decision to adopt. Our questionnaire is detailed specifically for this reason. Being adopted and then returned or facing a stressful home environment is not what these animals deserve, after all the troubles they faced in the street or in the shelters. Please act responsibly!

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