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Dog named Buda

Age: 2 years
Weight: 17kg
Gender: Male

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Temperament: He is great with people. He likes cuddling and playing. He is full of energy so it would be best if he had yard, but also can jump over the fence and escape. He shouldn't be addopted if there is poultry or cats, he wants to play with them, but playing can also hurt them.

Test for infectious diseases negative
Neutered dog
Protected from internal and external parasites.
Got rabies vaccine

His story: He was thrown out as a puppy, he lived in a school yard so he played with kids every day. Now he is in a bording house for more then a year. He is not happy there because most of the day is closed inside.

If you want to addopt Miško please contact assosiation "Čarna" Valjevo:

We consider having a pet a luxury not a necessity! Think thoroughly before making a decision to adopt. Our questionnaire is detailed specifically for this reason. Being adopted and then returned or facing a stressful home environment is not what these animals deserve, after all the troubles they faced in the street or in the shelters. Please act responsibly!

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